Tuesday, 10 June 2014



The theme of INTOLERANCE is the age-old struggle of men against intolerance; or as Griffith saw it, the  struggle between intolerance and love ( the film was publicated as "Love's struggle throughout the Ages") In order to emphasize that the conflict was a never-ending one.  Griffith decided to present in four separate stones, taken from four periods of history, told concurrently and intermingled as the film proceeds.

The narrative is punctuated at intervals by the figure of a mother, rocking "the Cradle of Destiny".
this daring conception is not entirely successful.  While it gave Griffith a vast canvas and enabled him to secure some striking effects of tempo in the relating of one story to another.  It also splits spectators' attention inseperable between the various stories which is doubtless responsible for its ponderous and exhausting effect on most people.

INTOLERANCE was a lavishly expensive film for its period, costing two million dollars to make. And for secrecy, INTOLERANCE, the most massive and complex film ever made, was shot from beginning to end without recourse to any from of written scenario or script of any kind!  As a result, the nature of Griffith's film was kept a complete secret, from the first day of shooting until the time of its first public exhibition.

Cast: Maye Marsh, Lillian Gish, Fred Tunner, Rober Harron, Sam de Grasse, Howard Gaye.
Cinematography: G.W Bitzer & Karl Brown.